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I had a varicocele surgery about 8 months ago ...
Outside healed well but in the inside, I could and still feel a slight pain (in the scrotum, somewhere near the testicle) for example, if I don't have tight boxers/shorts and I jump or shake or even have really fast sex it hurts when shook.

It's not as bad as it was at the begining but I can't do sports (breakdancing) without some tight shorts on me ! The pain is so and so right now and only comes when actually shook ...

Q1: is it normal to have some pain when scrotum shook after about 8 months after surgery ?

Second thing is that about 3 months ago a friend slapped me on the testicles with the outside of his fingertips as a joke. The force was almost none but I think he hit a really soft spot and it hurt, hard for about 15 minutes, then my left testicle swelled and slowly deflated CLOSE to normal in a matter of a week.
The only thing that bothered me was a bump on the testicle that didn't dissapeared all the way ... and not only that it's present today (after three months but changes sizes.
It's like a liquid pouch that doesn't hurt but it's there ! Sometimes it's more fluidish sometimes more solide.
Q2: Is there any chance that this could NOT be a hidrocele and I could get away with antibiotics or anything ?




What happened with this pain as it was over 2 years ago? Are you better now? I have just had the same surgery 1 month ago and I have similar pain. The doctor keeps telling me to give it time, but it is frustrating. And the pain is different than before the surgery (more sharp) and my left testicle is sometimes sore to the touch.

If anyone could give me some feedback, I would appreciate it.



just got vericocele surgery about 3 weeks ago and left testicle is still sore to the touch. after the surgery i could barely walk because just the testicle being up against my leg would give me pain. now it just hurts if there is pressure applied. not to worried but have an appointment friday just for a check up..cant wait to play basketball and baseball again! its been real boring lol


About two weeks after I had my varicocele surgery my scrotum swoll up as well, I thought it was hydrocele possibly so I went back to my surgeon to get it checked, he said everything was fine and that its normal to have some noticeable swelling for about a month after this type of operation. He also told me that a hydrocele would not be on the testicle but inside the scrotum, it would feel like a water filled balloon and is usually found in front of the testicle I believe. Only way to be sure though is to get a doctor (preferably your surgeon) to look at it. But about three weeks ago I had a varicocele repair, they went in through my abdominal area just below my belly button and to the side a bit, and tied off and cut the vein that was supplying blood to the abnormal veins in my scrotum, I had some noticeable swelling for about two and a half weeks and it is just now showing signs of going away, Im not sure what kind of operation you guys have had but if you had the type where they cut into the scrotum or the pubic region i would imagine that could cause even more swelling than my operation did so a few months of swelling/discomfort would not surprise me at all. They didnt even do anything below my abdominal area to fix mine and that still caused swelling in the scrotum so any type of operation involving surgery on the scrotum itself could cause swelling that can take a while to go away. Keep ya head up hopefully we can all make a speedy full recovery. Ill be checkin back in frequently hopefully hearing some success stories here pretty soon!