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Hi , i have a varicocele on the left side and the doctor told me that i needed to be operated. He told me to come back in a year. I did , i went back to him in a year and then he did another checkout and he told me that i didn't need to be operated i was so happy. And then he told me to come back in another year to see if it had changed. The thing is that i am nervous because if something has changed i need to be operated , if i do is the operation going to be painful? , how many days for recovery?. :-(


You can find a LOT of information on varicocele on this board and you can find it on other medical boards and as well.

The varicosele is basically a varicose vein that has gathered in the scrotum.
It usually doesn't hurt anything, although large ones can be painful and impact fertility by warming the testicle too much.

If the doctor initially though surgery would be needed, but then reversed himself, it may be that it has not grown any larger than before... and he just wants to keep monitoring it next year as well.

The varicocele can be removed by surgery, which is usually done under medicines that will put you to sleep. You won't feel the slicing into the scrotum, and local pain killers will keep that pain at bay. The recovery period can vary from a few days to two weeks. The incision needs to heal, and any drainage or swelling from the operation must fade. There might be some bruising and that can collect in the scrotum and take weeks to disappear, like an ugly bruise fades to purple, yellow and green.

Some men report lingering pain after surgery, but others report complete relief.

I wouldn't worry about it.

In the meantime, you can wear better support underwear and try to be aware of any further development in the area.

Good luck.


I had a varicocele which was operated on and I can state with complete candor it's nothing to worry about :-) worst part for me was the needle for the anaesthetic (I had embolization rather than surgery, which seems more common). With embo they put little springs inside your veins, which while its sounds bad it isnt. It's an odd sensation but otherwise fine. Oh the alcohol swab was a bit of a discomfort :p but thats on your inner thigh where they inject the anaesthetic.

I was up and about same day, though felt a bit tight and sore (from the injection area) but mostly fine :-) I still have the odd ache but that's normal.

Best of luck