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I have a semi-hard bump on my scrotum. I've read a bunch of these posts but none really describe my situation. The bump is at the base of my scrotum. I get infected hair follicles on the in thigh from Time to time (5-6 a year) that get large and full of puss at times. I've never got one on my scrotum though. I can't tell the color, though it looks maybe a little reddish. I wouldn't say it hurts, but it's more like when I get one on my thigh that it's a little tender, but I assume this is because of location and it might rub my inner thigh. It's also maybe "damp" but that region is damp. I was recently sexually active, so I'm worried that I may have gotten something. We used a condom however. I think I covered everything. Any insight?


Hi Ron,

It could be a sebaceous cyst.  They are like a pimple.  Basically the gland swells.  They are common on the genitals because the skin is so thin compared to other areas of the body.

It should resolve itself.  If it doesn't, or it gets larger, then see your doctor.

Hope it helps.