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hey everyone.
im 15 [almost 16] and i have a bump on my scrotum.

heres details:
-3 to 4 months old
-located on bottom of right testicle [not attached to testicle though]
-feels just like normal skin
-used to be painful and could be popped much like a pimple
-been painless for the last 2 or 3 months of having it
-used to be more of a bump but is now close to completely flush with the skin
-about the size of a pea or a pea and a half
-not attached to the testicle; its part of the skin [again like a pimple]
-in the morning [when scrotum is shrunk from the cold and laying down]its more bumplike but through the day [as my scrotum gets back to normal] it gets more flush

when i shower i clean it with a soap/alcohol/oil free, moisturizing cleanser.
i dont think its harmful but im not a doctor.
so any information or advice would be helpful.


im not sure how to edit the topic because i dont see anything that says edit..
but i meant to say 'sorry for another bump question but ive seen lots of different answers for a lot of questions that sound similar so i put mine up.'


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It doesn't sound like anything dangerous to me either. It sounds like a sebaceous cyst or just a pimple. Sebaceous cysts don't usually hurt but could if they get inflamed from a lot of picking.

The cysts are pimple-like bumps and may appear in clusters, they usually do.