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i came back from a trip to Africa and Bali and now i've been sick for about 8days now. my hand and feet wont stop itching. they burn and my fever is high too. i went to urgen care and they don't know what's wrong with me and i don't have medical coverage to go see a real doctor. im very fatiug and have no appetite for anything. i'm always tired and sleep for about 13hrs a day but never any real deep sleep due to the itching and burning that is keeping me up all day and night.

if anyone can help, that would be great.

thank you,



From the sound of the symptoms of tiredness gives the impression that your liver is toxic. Maybe a liver cleanse would help there.

I had itchy hands myself and went on this site to see what I found.

I found nothing here after reading a few comments to remedy this.

However, I am quite intuitive to my own body so tried using an essential oil I have on hand. I used Lavender oil and the itch went away right away. I bought it online four years ago from a distributor in the UK. I got about six bottles at the time and still have a whole one left. I use it for a headache or stress, or if I need to relax and go to sleep.

It remedied the itching and I thought I was going to have to stay home from my work today. Not the case. I can feel my feet tingling right now, but will just dab some of the lavender oil and get some relief. It only started yesterday at church, so am glad to have figured out what to do on myself. Good luck!