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Im hoping I can rule out that it's an STD . I should get my results back Tuesday but anyways I had a baby six months ago I had to get sewed up now when ever I have intercourse with my partner when he inserts his penis it hurts the right side. Well Friday we had sex twice and I had just got off my period so I wasn't all that wet and it started irritating me that day. Well since then the bump has gotten a little bigger and more sore to the touch. I went to my gyno when she looked at it she said it kinda looked like herpes but she took a culture and when she swabbed it she said it started to rub away and become less noticable and she said herpes don't do that. Also my boyfriend got tested December 3 got everything tested blood test saying negative on everything and he has no symptoms. I've been with my pArtner 2 yeArs and before him always had protected sex. I've been felling sick since Sunday throwing up ear ache fever sore throat and have vaginal discharge but it's white not yellow or cottage cheesy looking. Also the bump isn't red it's skin color .. What could this be? Please help.


Herpes I doubt... Although STDs can take months to years to show signs.

From what I get from this it seems like maybe an ingrown hair or possibly you could have had a slight tear and it could have been infected.
You say it is skin color and hurts to the touch and has recently gotten bigger due to intercourse? I would suggest avoiding intercourse up to a week and see how it heals keep the area clean and if you can avoid from getting wet it may help the healing process as well. So when you said you had your baby 6 months ago and were sewn back up I take it as a natural birth. With this comes another thought such as scarred tissue or maybe you have stictch or an infection under you skin due to this.

Is this sore visible enough for your partner to see? If so have him look at it and see if he can see any stray hairs or anything petruding from the mentioned sore.

Please post back with any information about it that you feel comfortable with.