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I have a tight foreskin and can't pull it all the way back over my glans while I'm erect. I might also have frenulum breve, but I'm not sure.

I have already heard about the stretching exercises and I will try my best to use them. However, someone on yahooanswers said that there are also damaging masturbation techniques like humping the bed or rubbing the penis through clothing. These could cause damage to the foreskin, due to large amounts of pressure, which would heal up with inflexible scar tissue, which could cause a tight foreskin.

I happen to have used the rubbing technique for quite some time now, so I think it's because of this that my foreskin is tight.

I want to know if the stretching exercises could also fix this problem and if the masturbation technique would still be damaging if I only rub the penis very softly without applying pressure, or very little pressure. I have tried to do it and it works for me to reach climax.

If you still think it damages the foreskin, I will switch to regular masturbation. (I already use it sometimes, but it doesn't feel as good as rubbing for me).

Thanks in advance.


Hi guest,

How old are you?  A foreskin that won't retract is NORMAL until about age 16 or so.

The stretching exercises do work.  Do them as often as you can.  Don't hurt yourself but you may notice some discomfort.

You won't damage your penis by masturbating.

Your doctor, preferably a urologist, can examine your foreskin and determine if you have frenulum breve or not.  There are simple treatments for that including a frenuloplasty or frenectomy - these are NOT circumcisions.

There are also steroid creams that can be prescribed that can help you loosen your foreskin.

Hope it helps.