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I had sex on last Sunday- I used both a diaphram and a condom. I had my period at the time. It was the 4th day-usually mine last about 5 days. I had sex again on Friday using both the diaphram and condom. I had spotting for 4 days afterwards and my breasts have been tender ever since.

I've had tenderness on the left side for about a week-

Could I be pregnant? It's too early right? I used BC so I'm not sure why
my breasts are so sore-could I be ovulating? just hormones?

Any help would be appreciated!

Freaking out a little...


I think that there is no need to freak out. First of all you have been using condom and the diaphragm which are enough protection not just against the pregnancy but sexual transmitted diseases as well. Since you are so responsible and you still think that there is some chance to be pregnant than it would be wise to head to the nearest pharmacy and buy home pregnancy test. First of all this will help you to feel better because you will stop freaking out. The chances that this test will be positive are very low.

And you are probably ovulating and because of that your breasts are more sensitive and tender and because you are thinking too much about it you are paying more attention than usual. Just relax and let us know that everything is ok.