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Hi, I am 21 years old. I have been experiencing symptoms. I have gained a lot of weight but my eating habits haven't changed, I have always been under weight for my age. My stomach is very bloated and people often notice it. When I do eat I often feel sick. I have such bad head aches and dizziness and I am constantly tired lately. I have been to the doctor who was convinced I was pregnant, although this has been proved wrong. So she then said it may be due to my hormones and to see how it goes for three months. I'm so frustrated as I know something is wrong but I just don't know what.


Hello Lucy,

since something similar happened fairly recently to a good friend of mine, I have to tell you - if it's necessary find a different ob-gyn and demand that you get check for ovarian cysts and uterine fibroids, than do just that. Both ovarian cysts and fibroids can grow really big really fast!

They are one of the most common causes for unexplainable weight gain and bloating. But that's just the minor symptom they cause - the major problems arise when, for example, ovarian cyst ruptures. The pain is beyond bearable and the surgery to remove the larger cysts is always necessary. They can even cause false positive in pregnancy tests, so you really need to push your doctor to get to the bottom of this,

Wish you all the best,