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I am 12 days late today. I have never been late before not even a day. I have taken several pregnancy tests (first response, clear blue,equate) which all have came back negative. I have been having headaches and some back pain and have been feeling nauseous and have cramps sometimes not painful cramps like when I'm on my period but like little twinges here and there. Anyways I started spotting light pinkish color today.I put in a pantyliner and nothing got on it but its there when I wipe. What could cause this? Is it possible that I could be pregnant?


Hi 13,

Are you using your first morning urine when you test?  Your wake up pee?  It is important when testing early.

The tests are only really accurate when they indicate "pregnant."  By default they'll read "NOT pregnant."  False negatives are very common, false positives are very rare.

Sometimes too, for whatever reason, they just don't work with all women.

You can have spotting/bleeding if pregnant.  The change in your cycle is reason for concern.

You might consider seeing your doctor.  Good luck.