Hey, I just want to say sorry for the long question but it's important to provide as much info as i can as it may be more helpful to you. I've had this problem for over six months now and it has to do with my manhood and it's being bothering me for months... first things first I'm 20 years old in good health and before my problem occurred I've been masturbating alot since I've had no problem with my libido and I was hard every day like most teens around my age, but then all of a sudden my libido decreased and I got less boners sometimes not even in the morning, now it's gotten to the point where I get no morning wood and if i do get it's not close to what it used to be, almost like half a boner... it really depressed me and I feel like when I get sexually active that I might not be able to satisfy a girl or that she might make fun of my "limp penis" as I've heard horror stories of many guys in my situation declare. Now I have never really had problems with the size of my penis but ever since my erection problem I've had this feeling that my penis have shrunk and it kills me because I can't tell if it had actually shrunk or if it's just the lack of boners that makes it look smaller... one thing I can say for sure is when I do get boners from physical touch, my penis don't "throb" as it used to in other words when I used to get strong boners my penis would keep on getting stronger and longer even after several munites now it only reached one point or plateau in a matter of seconds but don't really "grow" any bigger... I hate to have to ask this question but it really bothers me, I still watch porn every now and then but I'm trying to stop completely as I've read alot that only time can heal, but that is if overmasturbation is the cause which I'm still uncertain about as it can be several factors such as testosterone deficiency, blood flow, etc so I guess what I'm asking is if someone in my position has gotten any help and is currently over the problem... I certainly don't want to rely on pills (especially on my age) to gain strong boners. It's also a last resort to go see a doctor... I will much rather hear from someone with similar problem that can give me good advice on how I can overcome it myself. Thanks in regard.