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For the past 2-3 months iv been getting problems getting and keeping a

Im highly sexually active. And 2-3 time's a day i masturbate (No idea if
that is the correct spelling ).
Im 17 years old, I'm a smoker, Drug free, STD Free.

The problem bothers me the most that right before i'm going to
masturbate or have sexual intercourse i get semi hard. Like when i'm just
Fooling around i get ' No reason boners ' & ' During forplay / getting
fooled around with by my girlfriend ' i usually get a full erection which is
almost 8 inches. But the moment i /we get ready for sexual intercourse,
I go somewhat soft. Like goes down to 6-6 1/2 inches. And it goes bendy.
she can't bend it til we are ready for intercourse but then it gets bendy.
And then there's even those rude times were i go soft during intercourse...
I enjoy it, I'm not shy, i'm not scared, I don't think i'm doing anything
I'm highly sexually active. Cause everytime we see each other
which it about 3-4 times a week, we usally have sexual intercourse up to 5-
6 times during the visit.

And then there's the days i'm not with her that i masturbate 2-3 times
a day, I find my self getting a full blown erection, And i put on some porn.
And i find myself getting softer and soft as the movie plays.

* Am i masturbateing to much?
* Am i haveing sexual intercourse to much?
* Is there something i should go see the doctor about?
* Am i bored of the same stuff i see on porno videos?
* Am i bored of my girlfriend ( I love her alot i really dont see my self getting bored of her but does my penis think something else? )

I don't know if i covered all the questions that i would love to be answered but please someone, anyone, tell me what you think is wrong.

Thank you so much.


This may be a bit delayed, but I can answer some of your questions.

You do seem to be quite sexually active. You're having sex more than the average male, and have been enjoying it with your partner.

You sound like you've used porn and occassional erections to pleasure yourself, but now, the thrill is wearing off.

This happens, expecially with repeated exposure to the same porn all the time. That's not to say that your interest in sex is over.

You will find as you get older that sometimes, you'll remain firm throughout, and other times, (more frequently) you'll start to go a little soft. This is because as a male ages, they become a bit "leaky" in the penis inflation end of things. It's normal.

There are a few things that you can do.
First, back off on the masturbation, if you can.
And, when having sexual relations with your girlfriend, make it more tender and emotional. That's not to say that you shouldn't have intercourse with her, but less frequency may produce higher desire, and therefore, more firm erections MAY result.

You might also consider abandoning your porn and using fantasy to arouse yourself.

Also, choose what time you have sex, so that you're fully rested and can rest well afterward.

But the WORST thing you can do is worry and fret over this, watching your reaction carefully and critically. A watched pot never boils...and distracts you.

Finally, you sound like you're comfortable and confident in your sexual behavior, and that's great. You may have to take it a little slower to stress quality rather than quanity in the future. This is normally seen in middle-aged men, but you have MANY years of satisfying sex ahead of you. So, if you loose the erection once in a while, so what. It will come back. Just don't put pressure on yourself to stay rock hard every time. NOBODY DOES EVERY TIME!