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I have quite a few problems. My foreskin is hard to pull back but i can force it if i had to. There is a kind of skin connecting the foreskin to the tip of my glans.(bellend). There is also white stuff on the penis where the foreskin usually is. My glans are incredibly sensitive so it is hard to clean away. I am 14 years old and I can't masturbate. To begin with i assumed it was because I haven't developed yet but could any of the previously mentioned problems prevent me for masturbating. Does anyone have any sollutions to these problems without telling my parents???


I know your young and you are probably so scared. Dont Be, im 16 in two months. Have a bath retract your foreskin and just move it around in the water. Do it for like 5 mins.

Do it for at least a month

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Don't be worried the white stuff is called smegma it's a natural cleanser even thought it may smell funny. As for jerking off try and do it with out pulling your foreskin back it feels way better


Hi Guest:

Try masturbating WITHOUT pulling back the foreskin. That is the best way.

That "skin connection" is your frenulum.

You are blessed with an erogenous, highly-innervated foreskin. Many unforeskinned guys would envy your foreskin. You display great wisdom in wanting to avoid circumcision. Do not be worried.
The attachment you see is called the frenulum. It is normal and supposed to be there. The frenulum is highly innervated and serves to limit the retraction of the foreskin.
The stretching of the frenulum during sex helps to trigger orgasm.
Be careful not to pull your foreskin back too forcefully or you may tear your frenulum.

If you think your frenulum is too short, then you may stretch it to make your foreskin go back more.

Search the Internet for:
“How to Fix Phimosis and Tight Foreskins, Solutions That Work”
and you will find the help you need.