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Hi, I have these moles on my face that are very flat and I don't find them attractive on me as my confidence boost to a 0 when I think about them. The moles are brownish/black and there are two on the left of my left eyebrow and one inside my right eyebrow along with one on the right between my ear and upper part of my check and also a small one that's not very visible until you get kind of close on my lip. I apparently did not have these moles when I was little when I was going through old photos of me. I lived in a very sunny area in Asia for three years and moved to United States so I guess this is common. Is there anything I can do to help make these moles fade without make up (im a male) or perferably remove them completely. I'm in my sophomore year in High School and only started worrying about this.

Also, I have concerns on this mole on my heel that was with me when I was little. I have a photo of it and my parents seem to lying to me whenever I asked about this.

Here is the mole on my heel


It's me again, if the link isn't available try this one: