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I have a small mole at the side of my left breast. Its not even on my breast but it seems to be slightly raised. Theres no lump or anything but that breast is sore sometimes and when i have my bra on and i push down on the mole it hurts. Is my breast sore because maybe its growing as im only 17 or should i be worried?


Hi there,

Moles are usually harmless but in some cases moles can cause many problems. The fact is that the mole can be malignant and this can cause tumor growth on your skin and under your skin. The fact that you have it on your breast even makes things worse. In my opinion you will be safest if you go to the doctor and test this mole if it is any threat to your health. You can monitor mole and see if there are any chances in the size. Size can tell you the reactions of the more. I hope that this helped you in any way.

Best wishes,