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I was recently in the hospital after feeling a flash of pain and numbness in my left cheekbone area. The entire left side of my body was tingling and I had weakness in my upper left leg. Labs, CT and MRI all normal. Last year my ANA Titers were high. Not run this year. Same symptoms in 2009 - no cardiac issues. I tingled for 30 days. This is day 10. Still tingling in my left leg/foot, left hand and right hand. EMG last year showed no nerve damage on the left side. I am heavy headed, foggy, it's hard to focus/concentrate. I feel tired after only being awake a few hours. Last year the initial diagnosis was Lupus, then I saw a rheumatologist who said I don't have Lupus. Negative results on CT and MRI = no thoughts of MS. I'm at a loss. I am seeing a neurologist next week. This went nowhere last year. Any thoughts?


What happened? Did you recover? My 6 year old daughter says that her left side feels heavy.