i'm 27 years old, for past 6 to 7 months i feel very bad pain in my stomach. I went to the doctor and he gave me aciphex and librax. I'm taking this medicine for past 6 months. sometimes i feel better and sometimes the pain is worse with vomiting,diarrhea, dizziness. Again, i went to my doctor last week, he adviced me not to get stress and continue this medicine it will be ok. after checking me he said i have gas in my stomach. I ask him whether should i have to go to any specialist, but he said as it is not not needed unless otherwise, i have bleed in my stool, black colored stool and blood in the vomiting.
i stopped taking spicy food( sometimes i add pepper to my food). Say for example, if i eat(just a very small piece) chicken marinated with any spicy ingredients, immediately i'm going to the restroom.
Dizziness and tiredness is more often. I like to know what's going on in my stomach and should i have to go to gastrolagist. If, i go to gastrolagist, what will he do to check my ulcer.