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ok. so i like this guy, butt he has a gf.i met him last year. him and his gf were both in my gym class. He would walk away from his gf to come talk with me. this year He is in my math class everyday. he flirts with me before class starts and after class we walk together to our next classes. He tends to like play fight with me,and he hugs me and stuff everyday. he also likes to eat food that i have already started eating. like we always share suckers or other candy.

his girlfriend really has a problem with me. she will bump me in the hallway at school and calls me a s***. idk if i should talk to him about his gf. but her comments keep getting worse everyday

my friends think i should tell him how i feel. they tell me they see us flirting everyday. but i dont exactly know if we are flirting and i dont even no him he likes me back. i really dont want to break him and his gf up though. but on the other hand i really like him. and i really dont want to say anything if he only likes me as a friend.

can someone help? :$


Hi Honey! Welcome to "Alls fair in love and war!" It gets more and more complicated as feelings develop - not to mention hormones!

I have been in MANY of these situations - some I handled VERY badly and others I've handled OK and 1 I handled GREAT! So I will tell you what NOT to do OK?

Don't keep being a victim of her increased hostility! And also Don't be a mouse in his game! There is NO bigger aphrodesiac than a guy knowing 2 or more girls like him! And he is openly flirting with you in front of ALL to see and for them to let his girlfriend know what's going on! So she's not going to face off with him - and might loose him - she's going to show you who is ALPHA female! And in this day and age honey it could get VERY VERY violent! and Ruin your life!

So what you do is this! You go up to him and say "I think you already know how I feel about you, BUT I'm NOT going to be used anymore! I don't know if you are trying to get your girlfriend jealous, but I don't think it's decent to make her jealous so she is taking it out on me! The way it is going, one or both of us are going to get REALLY hurt and I just don't want it to be me! So while you are seeing her, we can't be playing it like we have been OK?"

He HAS to Mature honey! And NOT play with girls feelings! He is showing NO respect to her nor you! And you have to think about her too! She might be a B! BUT she cares for him and you don't know what he is saying to her about you - causing her to become more aggressive towards you! He has to grow up and make a decision! Either way you have to be prepared to walk away! And respect yourself enough to know that a user of one WILL become a user of many! Does that make sense?