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Hi Steady Health


My name is Josh, my girlfriend loves your content. She rants and raves all day about how your videos are helping her live a more healthy life, and I must say she is also getting me to hop on the health train myself.


I went on your YouTube page to see what all the hype was about, and from a male point of view I really love how you can see the passion of what you enjoy teaching through your videos. I can see why my girlfriend loves your stuff so much.


I spend a lot of time overlooking & managing my Facebook Ads business, and i'm never really active, but today I am going to change that, because of the kick in the butt my girlfriend got from watching your videos.


I am writing this email because I feel like I want to give back. I spend a lot of time helping businesses and YouTube channels get more customers, fans, followers, and sales, and helping them manage and build a huge business of loyal fans and followers with Facebook Ads.


But let's skip the boring stuff I don’t want to talk your ear off because I am sure you get hundreds of emails a day, but I made a short little video for you if you are interested.


Video Link: ***edited by moderator*** web addresses not allowed


I hope to hear from you in the future and if not I hope you continue making awesome content for my girlfriend and the world to enjoy.


I think it's very nice to share such a lovely source of video to aware people about this matter ...