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Hello i wanted to know if one of your trainers can do a stomach vacuum workout video on youtube.

if that alright with you.



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Hi Rocky5000.

As already mentioned in the video comments we probably won't be publishing stomach vacuum workout in the next 6 months, because we already have a plan scheduled. I understand plans can be changed, but in this case this is at the moment unfortunately impossible. if there will be any changes, I  will let you know.

I promise that in the next set of videos that we film we will most definitely include stomach vaccum workouts!

Btw, what do you fancy that much in stomach vaccum workouts? Have you tried them already?

Best regards!



no i haven't tried it.but my friend she can do the stomach vacuum very well and she is teaching me it 3 time a week.and it helps keep your waistline stay slim and trim.

Thanks for the info!