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Hey there,

You are totally right about every single post about hip hop abs workout. I read them all and I have to say that those are the most interesting abs so far :)

I don’t have any help in this, so I was wondering can you tell me are there any youtube videos of hip hop abs workout? I believe that those clips would be from big help – for everyone :) So, if you have any recommendation for this, please let us know :)

I am really into this, so I am looking as much as help as I can get :)

Share with us something.



Good day all,

Yes, you can find a lot of videos on the youtube. I was practicing while I was watching those video clips and I can say that they are really helpful. You can learn all the right moves, all the cool things in this exercise program.

It is easy and I have to say that it something like the dance, and I really love to dance. So, yes, those clips can be really helpful and I am happy that we can learn from those video clips on the youtube.

It is a big fun.

Find them and enjoy, that is the best advice I can give you!





Yes, I found them! I am so happy! I just love Shaun, he shares his exclusive training techniques that target your upper abs, lower abs, and everything that happens while you burn your fat.

I found a lot of amazing videos and I am happy because of that. Wow, what moves :)

I would recommend everyone to try those abs, because hip hop abs are something that is the best so far, that I have tried :)

Thank you very much. I just enjoy watching them :)

If you have anything other to add about this, please feel free to do that. I will inform you about every step that I take in this :)

Have a nice day!