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Hi I'm 14 and I noticed that there is purpley pinky lines and dots on my bum near my hips ? What are these ? Are they stretch marks or what? And what can I do to get rod of them ? Thanks


Hello Heyitsme,

Sometimes you can get lines on your hips especially if you have gained weight recently.  Part of this may be that your cloths are fitting to tightly.  If what you have is stretch marks that easy enough.  There are a number of creams available over the counter.  A lot of women use them for stetch marks they have on their tummies that the got from being pregnant.  Many of them contain rich oils to soften the skin and dimish the marks.  They seem to work well.  You'll need to apply the cream a couple times a day for several months but if you stick with it I think you will be pleased.  There is another gel called Mederma that is used for scars that you might try.  It's a little pricey but it works well too.