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I'm 13 and I have many stretch marks on my thighs, bum and breasts. I know they're normal for girls and women but how do I get rid of them quick? I do dance competitions every month and I have to wear quite showy costumes like leotards. I'm really insecure about them and I'm not sure what to do? Will a spray tan help?


hello Beth :)

how are you today?

well spray tans i think wnt work. you would want something that will actually make ur stretch marks disappear forever  rather than temporary like tans.i have stretch marks also so i use shea butter. shea butter works wayyyy better than cocoa butter. it contains fatty acid that is crucial to rejuvenating and moisturizing the skin. shea butter makes ur skin feel softer,smoother,and healthier. it also protects you from the suns rays,the cold weather,and wind. it also repairs  damaged skin if you have damage skin. i started using shea butter for like 3 months now ,everyday i put it on after i take my showers,and now my stretch marks are becoming lighter. i think in a few months my stretch marks will disappear. try it,if it works for me ill work for u. u will not be disappointed with the results.

hope this helps have a nice day.:)