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I'm 13 years old (turning 14 in 2 months). I've been withmy boyfriend for quite a while now (we've been childhood best friends ever since we were three) but I'm still so insecure around him. I love him so much and he loves me, but I start doubting it because I keep thinking he's a bit bummed out that I'm so insecure although he keeps assuring me that he isn't. okay, so here's what I'm insecure about: I'm far from all those other girls he could have. I'm not the skinniest girl around and my skin is prone to stretch marks. When my boyfriend and I make out, he tried sliding my shirt up even just a little bit, but then he'd see the stretchmarks on my hips and on my boobs. I haven't told him because I'm really embarrassed.... what should I do?


Hi Bre,

Lots of women, and men, have stretch marks.  They are very common and do occur during periods of rapid growth, such as puberty.

If he is your friend, and you trust him, then he should not make any comments about them.  He may have scars or blemishes that you don't want to see.  With love comes trust.

Still, you don't have to rush.  He should understand that you aren't comfortable and not pressure you.

Try talking to him about it - not when you are making out.  Just in conversation.

Good luck.