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I am turning 21 next month and I am so excited.  I get to go out to the bars with my other friends and finally get to be a "man."  lol  I am a diabetic type 1 and I want to know about how much alcohol I can drink?  I want to try beer at first and then move onto harder stuff later.  So has anyone have type 1 diabetes like me and drink alcohol?  What does it do to you?  Does it mess up the blood sugars much or at all?  I am going to eat something before I go out so that my sugars don't go down and become hypoglycemic while I am out.  I will have my glucagon injection in my car if I happen to go into a low.  Are there any advice or suggestions for me before my big night?  I think I will avoid mixed drinks since I know some of them have juice which would mean carbohydrates.  Are there alcoholic beverages with a lot of carbs in them as well that I should avoid?  Thanks to all!


Hello, Guest!  I am glad to see that you are inquiring about the alcohol consumption you will partake in when you turn of age.  You will need to be careful as many of the alcoholic beverages have much sugar and can adversely affect your blood sugars.  Additionally, you will suffer from hypoglycemia from drinking excess alcohol.  You will need to keep an eye on your body's reaction from having drinks.  You can count alcohol as your fat gram allotment.  There are charts online that can help you figure out how much you can have of each type of drink.  Sweet wine, wine coolers, and vermouth are higher in carbs than distilled spirits.  Have a great birthday out and be safe.