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I had this posted but now cannot find it. For the last 2 months I smell smoke (like cigarette smoke) when no one is near me smoking. I tried several things and tried also to see what was causing it. I bought a sinus rinse and afterwards, it was fainter and now it is gone altogether. I believe it was my stress vitamins that caused it because i ruled everything else out. It must be a sinus rinse with salts that you buy with the machine. I bought the NeilMed Sinus rinse and only used it once and I was cured. I haven't smelled the phantom smoke in a week. I still need to test my theory that it was the vitamins that caused it. I had no nasal blockage so it was very difficult to figure out what was causing it.


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Hi there, twinans.

You experience very odd symptoms, that reminds me of something. A friend of mine, who studies medicine, on one occasion, told me about illness called phantosmia. Besides interesting name, this illness was intriguing because of way it manifested. People who suffer from phantosmia keep sensing cigarette smoke. 

As I recall, the ''phantom smell'' can be caused by trauma, virus/bacteria infection or damaged nerve in your nasal canal. 

You should visit otorhinolaryngologist and neurologist to see the cause of your problem. They will probably do CT scan, EEG and MRI of brain.

Good news is that many of the causes are easily treatable. 

As for sinus rinse, that also can be cause, but I suggest that you see a specialist.



I have been smelling smoke for several days now. I just tried the sinus saline rinse you mentioned. I seem to smell it much less now. I hope this works. I will try a couple more later today in hopes I can stop the smell as it's so bad that it keeps me awake at night.