I’m 14 and I regret smoking marijuana. I’ve been using a wax pen for the past week and a half and I remeber on monday I woke up normaly to Smoke my wax pen in the morning and went on with my day. I would take a lots of inhales of my wax pen during the day until at night I took a deep one and minutes later I began to feel weak, I felt like I was going to throw up and felt like every food I thought of made me really sick, I felt dizzy, I felt a presser on my chest and had a very scared/worried feeling in Munich chest that wouldn’t go away and this happens around 10:00 PM. Once that happened and i started feeling all those symptoms I began too panick in my mind and constantly kept thinking of me dying if I fell asleep and it kept me up all night still feeling those symptoms all the way till 4:30 AM, at that time I felt tired and slowly fell asleep. The next day I woke up around 12:00 AM and felt very weak and once I stood up I felt dizzy and when I felt that I instantly felt the urge of scared/worried in my chest again so I decided too take a shower and I still felt the same. Later that day I made some research and I got even more scared cause I thought I had hiv or aids and that increased my anxiety feeling and till I made more research and found out that I green out or white out and that made sense because I smoked too much weed but i don’t know why i keep feeling this feeling. Later that day when it got dark I started to get this scared/worry feeling again in my chest and it kept going till I got in the shower again and when I was in the shower and the feeling got into my mind so bad that I stared to cry. I got out and told my mom to take me to the hostpital because I hated this feeling. When I got to the hospital they put stickers all over my body and they had wires connected to them and I disn’t know what’s it was.when they was done with the stickers thing they took them off and they came back saying it was an anxiety attack and that they will give me a pill to sleep and I could go home. When I got home I just knocked out in my bed, the next day I kind of felt weak and tired the same symptoms I had yesterday morning and I’m just still kind of scared because idek what’s happening to me and I need some answers I’m scared right now and I stopped smoking my wax pen for about 4 days now and I don’t know if that’s helping or not. I also did some research and the symptoms I’ve been having lead too G.A.D which is a type of an anxiety disorder but I need to talking to someone about this and I need help because I’m having this feeling if im going to die soon feeling in my chest popping up out of nowhere :((