Alright here is how it started. I was driving in the car with my girlfriend and turned around to check for cars and a sharp pain went straight through my chest about where my heart would be. This scared me and made me think i was having a heart attack which probably gave me anxiety. I felt weak and scared and didn't really wanna move or eat. After about a day or two i freaked out and went to the hospital with my mind and heart racing. They did blood work and a urine sample and all came back normal except i had some white blood cells in my urine which led them to believe i might have had a UTI, So they put me on Antibiotics which i took for about a week. Then after that visit i started getting Vertigo like symptoms but with no underlying cause which worried me also. Since vertigo cant really be diagnosed I kept worrying about what could possibly be wrong with me, and it seemed to be getting worse and worse. Back to the hospital I went with my new symptoms, Vertigo like symptoms and Stomach pains. Still worrying about my chest issue they ordered a CT scan of my chest and abdomen but my chest didn't hurt or worry me anymore. Both tests came back normal. What The Hell. So after a week or so of dealing with those symptoms and all being sleepless nights, the dizziness and nausea went away but I still have a warm sensation in the back of my head and neck which has been here ever since my vertigo symptoms went away. and i also had an MRI of the head a week ago and nothing showed up in that either. So my mom and girlfriend think its just a pinched nerve in my neck but would i really be feeling this as a constant feeling for a whole week straight if it were just a pinched nerve? I'm going to a Chiropractor soon and hopefully it goes away but if not I don't know what to do anymore. It doesn't hurt except when i get actual headaches which isn't often. its just an annoying and scary feeling on top of no one being able to tell me what might be causing it. So as i'm writing this the feeling still hasn't gone away, not even a second of my life has gone by since it started a week ago that I haven't been feeling it. Someone please tell me what this could be. Id appreciate a professional responding to this, like an infectious disease specialist or someone who specializes in the brain area or something. Please anyone who can help me. I just want rid of this or atleast to know whether to be worried about it. Thank you.