Hey guys. My names Luke. I am 21 years old and started to smoke weed about a year ago. For nearly a year things were great. I smoked about 1-3 times a day had fun with my friends and everything honestly felt pretty good. About 3 months ago, one day I was at work and decided when I go home I was going to smoke...a ton! Sure enough when i went home I was by myself and went outside to hit my weed pen. Hit it about 8 times within 20 minutes and was definitely high as usually. All of a sudden when I walked back inside, I had full feeling of my racing heart and got extremely paranoid! I began to freak out and cry on the couch told my younger brother to come home and help. He just told me to calm down and take it easy. Those next couple days I developed the worst anxiety ever! would never wish it on my worst enemy. I am telling you, growing up I always rolled my eyes and said whatever about people who suffere from depression and anxiety but this was definitely it. Life has not been the same since that 3 months ago experience. I have the weirdest and scariest perception of life and feel like my heart is going to explode all the time. My heart racing from my anxiety and my chest beats hard with my heart. I went to the emergency room 2x and got multiple tests for my heart. MY docotor said I was fine but put me on some metoprolol for my "palpitations I told her i was suffering from them big time" Although I wake up daily scared to death, I am telling you I believe it was from that one day I smoked. I would do anything in the world to take back that day or the day I started smoking. Please if this is a possibility from smoking do not start. I beg you.