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I'm normally very careful, and I understand that I was bound to contract something eventually. I get tested about once a year or whenever there's any sort of reason to worry (partner voices concerned, strange genital activity, etc.). So, my preferred partner texts me about a week later voicing that his junk was inflamed and had weird raised bumps on his scrotum and bottom half of shaft. We thought he could be allergic to yeast because I get a lot of yeast infections, but apparently he got urethritis which apparently is caused by chlamydia or gonorrhea . He's got a shot and took some pills and he's feeling a lot better.

But after we had sex I got checked out too, and I tested negative. I had a yest infection, but not gonorrhea/chlamydia.

Well today, a different partner contacted me about similar symptoms, and I told him to get checked out for what my preferred partner had.


But I suppose my big question is, how likely is it that I got a false negative for these STIs, and should I go back to my PCP and demand more tests?


I definatly would. there could be a chance that the test may have been a false negative. especially if two different people have gotten something. I know HPV is completely different and sometime noone can have any symptoms, but you say you got tested and that would've shown up too.


Just explain to the doctor what is going on and you would like a second test OR get a second opinion from someone else. But I would use a condom for now on if you have sex with anyone else until you get tested. Actually I would advise not having sex with anyone until you get checked and come back with a negative. Also, have they both had sex with another person other than you?