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Okay, let me start off by telling you about myself.. I am 14, I'm somewhat in perspective, very educated into the arts of Dating when it comes to helping others, I'm intelligent when it comes to computers. And, well In school, I'm the guy who doesn't care about what other people say about him. And have a very cruel background dating history from being cheated on, and Lied to.

So down to the problem... It happened At the beginning of my school year, This new girl joined our district, and within a week. One of her friends who was one of my ex girlfriends, told me that she liked me, And well from my dating past, I didn't want to get involved, I thought she was too good looking to be serious, and I didn't want to get hurt.. but then I found out we had multiple classes together, and well, being the gentleman I am, I went up to her and talked to her, and well did some stupid flirty things. That got her attention, and I could tell i was falling for her.. And well, being a fool, i asked her out 2 weeks after meeting her, Because, I Knew she liked me, and well. She rejected me, and I was confused.. I felt hopeless, but then she told me why. She told me that she didn't want to be known as a w****, since she was still new. But then straight dab out of no where, she went out with my best friend.. So I moved on for awhile, hooked up with somebody to get it off my mind.. Then they broke up.. And she was all sad, and well. It caught my attention. 

.... Moving into 2nd trimester (Around November) Well, Thanksgivings break ended, and well I got new classes.. I had a lot of classes with her.. Almost every class, And well. I started to talk to her more, me, her, and 2 other of her friends were in one same class, and sat by each other in art class. We goofed off, and had a lot of fun, making up nicknames and such, and well. I felt Emotionally attached to her.. and Well. I Pursued to ask her out again.. I was Rejected again, I thought to myself, WHAT AM I DOING?, And well it found out, the way i was flirting, hurt her feelings in a way, she didn't want.. and Well. I Immediately stopped.. And Had to live with that for awhile. And I never stopped Talking to her.. Maybe once or twice a month..

... Moving into February.... - It's around february 1st, and well. A lot of her friends tell me to ask her out, because she want's me to.. But being the class guy i am, I didn't just want to ask her out.. I wanted to make it a moment she wouldn't forget.. and well, that worked out great... (Sarcasm intended) i ended up writing her a Note asking her out attached to a carnation that i bought for her at my school.. Well. SHE FINALLY Said yes.. I got to see her big Brown eyes light up, and that really cute smile, well smile.. It made my day.. And well. The first week of our relationship went great, no arguments, we told ourselves not to say I Love you, to each other, so instead we said "I Liike you" and Well, I held her hand during the second week, and then we kissed the next day.. And the following friday, we went to the movies and had our first make-out, and Well. I was caught in the moment.. She was stunningly beautiful.  So a week goes by, My phone breaks.. All we can do is talk on the phone.. Which worked out good, we didn't talk to much, or not enough.. and we rarely argued, this was during winter break.. Sometime after winter break, i got my new phone, and I Loved it.. and well. This is when all the chaos started to happen. We started arguing more.. and We held grudges toward each other.. and our 1 month day fell on a day she was on her period, and I made her a thoughtful note, giving her the right to win one argument if ever needed. And saying How much i appreciate the chance to be with you, etc. And she made me the same thing.. But I wasn't ready for it.. She was the first girl I ever dated that was experiencing a period.. I didn't know how to re-act to mood swings, and the hormones.. And being me.. I said a lot of things that I shouldn't have.. And she holds a grudge of it to me to the day.. And well. We moved past it, and a 2 weeks before our 2 month, she broke up with me, I literally started crying on the phone with her.., She told me it was because she didn't like the arguments, and how I was always depressed about everything, and how she could never keep me happy, and I felt the same way about her though. But I learned to look past it.. And well. I was heartbroken.. I thought i had something, and once again, being Who i am.. For about a week, i told her how i felt.. and said i changed, cause i thought i Did.. and then we got together.. I was soo happy. But well. the following day when We returned to school from spring break.. Another period happened..  I wasn't prepared.. A Lot of stuff was going through my mind, Did she take me back to make me happy? Did she mean it? And then she spent the night at her Brothers house, but At the time, I didn't know about him being like a brother to her.. But Im over that.. And well.. a week later, I made it through the mood swings, Had a few arguments, nothing to big. but we argued a lot over stupid things, and well one day, I broke up with her over a note on accident, I Didn't mean to either.. I got influenced by my examples of what was in it. And it started to come out, my true feelings.. and Well. She cried about it, and I didn't want it to happen.. I've tried explaining to her about how i want her back, but she doesn't want a third chance with me.. And Well. I'm not ready to let her go.. I know she's the one. I can tell. and well, I've started to cut a bit over this situation.. And Idk what to do, Please help me..

My Name is Tyler. 

Please and thank you.


I know things seem really emotional right now, and it's hard for you to see the big picture, but you are very young, and there will be more girls.  I promise.  I'm sure youve already had people telling you youre too young to worry and be so infatuated, but EVERYONE has been through what you have been through.  The first love is the hardest to get over.  I'm sorry, hon, and hope you have supportive friends and family to talk to. 

My nephew who is now 17 went through almost exactly the same thing and started cutting, which he became quite addicted to for about a year (it is technically an ocd, which is kin to addictive behaviours) and now he looks back on it and realizes how serious the situation WASNT.  He calls himself 'Emo', and realizes he gets a little more emotional about things than some, so he knows now when to take a step back and look at the big picture and not get caught up and too introspective about things.  Good luck, kiddo.  and hang in there. 




Okay, so I'm going to start off by telling you a little about myself. I am 15, in this schoolyear I have had 4 girlfriends. The first one broke up with me because she hadn't been getting her depression medication, as a result if her breaking up with me I cut, I started smoking again and I pretty much 'gave up' on life in a sense. The second broke up with me because I was too clingy, now the day she broke up with me I was incredibly high, by that I mean my skin literally felt like it was vibrating, which to be perfectly honest, scared my sh*tless. That is why I don't get high anymore. Now the first two broke up with me a week after I asked them out, to the day. The third girlfriend I dated for almost two months, she broke up with me because her feeling about me changed, which I was perfectly okay with. Now between the break up of my third girlfriend, and me asking out my forth (and current) girlfriend, some things happened between me and another girl, the biggest of them being, she alone got me to quit smoking, which I had been trying to do for 3-4 months. Then when I asked her out, she said she wanted to go out with me, but she had to talk to her parents about it first, now her parents are divorced, so that made it take a couple of weeks which turned into months of me waiting for a response from her, and I got tired of waiting, so I asked out the other girl I liked, and she said yes. Now she and I will have been together for 2 months (but not for 2 more days), now thankfully today she warned me that her period is next week, but she's good at controlling her mood swings...
What I'm hoping you take out of my school year in a nut shell is that there are more girls out there. :)