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The guy that im madly in love with and i can't imagine life with out him. But he smokes pot and i'm sure he does other drugs.I'm so scared that im going to hear him name on the news saying he died of an OD. I can't even imagine how much it would suck if i ended things with him, but i know it would be WAY worse if he died.



First of all...if the guy you are madly in love with ONLY smokes are MORE than fine. I'd be a lot more concerne if he were a drinker. Noone's ever died or OD'd from smoking pot.
NOW - if he's doing cocaine, heroine, ecstasy(daily), meth, crack or popping prescription pain medication...then, i'm sad to write, you don't even know the guy you are madly in love with. Anyone doing any of those things is so far removed from who they truly are...
Shaybaby...look up marijuana online. Hopefully, it will be legal nationwide soon enough. Speaking from personal experience and having dealt with life altering health issues (and having been someone who just enjoyed/s marijuana) - him just smoking pot is not an issue at all.
Why is it an issue for you? How old are you? I'm in my mid-30's and i've been smoking pot since 10th grade.
All of my doctors encourage my marijuana intake - they'd rather me not inhale it because it does do damage to the lungs; but that damage is minimal compared to what alcohol does to the liver.
Remember that:
two lunch
one liver

I wish you good luck!


two lungs and one liver...
i've been at work too long (first day back in a month! WOOWOO!)
good luck and i'm here if you want to discuss more!


wow thanks that really does help,
And him smoking pot doesn't bother me,because he doesn't ever smoke it around me, and he could be doing worse things. But im just kinda scared that maybe he is doing other drugs that are worse.
Im 15 and hes 17, and i wouldn't call either of us drinkers but we both enjoy the party's on the weekend. But so do all other teenagers.

thanks for the help


Hey Shaybaby,
Ok, so you are 15 and he is 17...I know a lot of teenagers drink...but, not all of them do - but, there's nothing I can tell you which will make your attitude toward drinking change.
I just hope you never lose someone you care about to a drunk driver. It SUCKS and is quite sobering. But, I am not here to preach! LOL
I assume you don't smoke pot - which is fine. I think you have every right to know what drugs your boyfriend is doing. If he is only smoking pot, again, I wouldn't worry...if he's doing hard stuff...i'd worry. AND if he gets defensive when you ask...RUN, do not walk, because he is lying.
Drugs can be a scary thing and I didn't want to come off all pro-pot last night, even though I do support the legalization of marijuana...but, I wouldn't be giving good advice if I didn't touch on harmless as I feel pot is - there are still plenty of states where it is illegal and punishable by mandatory jail time. So, whether I advocate it or not, if you live in a state where it's illegal - please be careful and you can tell your boyfriend to not have it in his possession when you are riding in the vehicle with him OR if he does get caught, have an agreement that he takes the full blame and swears you knew nothing! And if you don't smoke, you can always ask for a drug screen to clear your name.
BUT, as you can see...there is a lot to think about.
I wont tell you what to do and I wont judge you. Some ppl will say you are still really young and although fiction, so was Romeo and Juliet.
Trust what's in your heart. Don't be afraid to get the answers to your important questions...but, I think it's good you aren't throwing this all away over marijuana!

Good Luck!


thanks a lot you have really helped me with this. And i am very happy to say that i am going to stay with him.
Thanks you very much


are you ll serious?

of course it is an issue if hes smoking pot.

i dated a guy for 3 years and thought that he was the one, but after 3 years and continuous smoking i could notice the difference. he was slower, made less sense, began to have trouble keeping normal thought process, etc etc

smoking pot is not ok

im a critical care nurse and ive seen the kind of stuff that can happen to people. not only is there the obvious side effect of mental health disorders that can arise, such as hallucinations depression etc... but other related issues such as car accidents, accidental self harm whilst high etc.

my advice is to get out of it now. i know you cant imagine not being with him but your 15 and there will be much better options of people that dont sit round doping and doing other drugs.