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Hello! I need to hear some good advice about how do I prevent an eating disorder in my teen. The thing is that my 17 years old daughter has recently started counting calories and she is isolating while eat and I am concerned that she is about to have an eating disorder that I need to prevent. I started being suspicious over this for her best school friend is being diagnosed recently with anorexia and I think my daughter is about to have the same problem with eating disorder so I would like to hear some eating disorder prevention tips. Thanks!


The best way to prevent an eating disorder is creating positive approach to food and nutrition-so basically you should teach your daughter what is healthy and how dangerous could be not eating properly. Create a habit of preparing healthy meals along with your daughter every day without making her think she is under some sort of eating control. So make her think it is all ok eating when you are hungry and refusing the meal when she doesn't want it. The secret of eating disorder prevention is in creating a healthy lifestyle for it is the family where she gets the positive approach to the life and even to the nutrition habits.


Hello, I don't know if your still having a problem but I speak from experience
I'm 20 and still struggling to get over my own disorder
A lot of it is show an example, my mom always got mad at me for not eating then she'd never have time to eat and was always complaining how she wanted to lose weight
It really sinks in... possitive attitudes, let her know that you know, that no it isn't healthy but that you know shes will do what shes going to but you will always be there if she needs someone to talk to or help

No one can force a disorder away the best thing to do would probably just be there for her and every now and again reach out but don't be pushy
Maybe suggest a healthier way?
For my birthday my mom got her and I am gym membership for a year and were aquasizing together

good luck and hopifully it works out for the 2 of you :-)