I have had basically every eating disorder in the book but the one I struggled and am currently struggling with is "binge eating". I put this in quotes because it isn't true binges but the mental effect is the same. I will eat maybe 2 chocolate bars but when the craving hits there's nothing I can do but give in and the whole way home I am desperate to eat them and when I do I barely enjoy it because I eat it so fast. My heart races when a craving hits and all thoughts or focus vanishes until I have had what I need. I feel horrible mentally and emotionally after I do. I am obsessed with the idea of being low body fat. I am thin, 125lbs and 5 foot 7 but its never good enough. All I do every day is think about food, analyzing calories in my head and thinking about the next thing I will eat. I get no rest from these intrusive thoughts I just want them to go away and think and eat like a normal person. It doesn't help my body image to "pig out" (is how I think of it anyway) on sweets EVERY DAY. I feel like I have no control in my life. I have had true binge eating disorder and I know that this is a much milder version but like I said the mental and emotional effect is the same which is my I feel so lost and like I need help. Also, when I'm upset I can only feel comfort with food, I've tried everything else but it always ends in food. I heard ADHD meds can help with binge eating.... Any advice? Have you experienced this before? What did you do?