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Hello! I'm a 15 years old girl and I need to know if I have an eating disorder... I have 2 friends who are now having a eating disorder so I dicided to do some researchs.. After I red some sites and watched some movies I saw how people with an eating disorder live and I could relate some stuff.. --> I don't like eating but I love making food for someone else.. I tried some diets and lost around 12 pounds.. I didn't eat in the lunchbreak and I only eat 1 slice of bread in the morning and in the evening the less possible. But now it's exams at school so I eat at home and I have to eat... My mom pushes me to eat, because I said sometimes that I had stomachaches or stuff like that but after a while she said it wasn't normal and that I had to eat... And everybody wants to know what I've eaten when I've eaten and it's always about food! At night I do many crunches and I drink lots of water... I tried to purge many times and tried whit salted water and it never worked... I really want to purge when I had to eat! Everybody says I'm thin bit I don't think so! I only see fat and I just want to lose weight! Do I have an eating disorder? I did some tests but I don't believe in those tests... So do I need help from an psychologist or something??


Hello Elisabeth, 

I have to be honest with you, but at your age almost every girl has issue with her body image and weight. Eating disorders are the absolute extreme this can get to. Another thing almost all girls your age experience is peer pressure. If you say all your friend have eating disorders and you try to unsuccessfully purge and emulate them - than you are being the victim of the pressure to fit in with your friends.

This being said, you should talk to your mom about seeing a psychologist and have a confidential and honest talk about what is going on. You might have to work through your body image issues and start finding healthier ways to lose weight - if you actually need to loose it. Keep in mind also that in a year or two you'll be done with the puberty and this weight you are fighting now will go away naturally as you develop. It went away for me, it went away for most of my friends - I don't see a reason the same normal growing up wouldn't happen to you too.