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hi i am a 16 yr old male im 5'6 and my weight varies from bout 125 to 115. i feel i like should weight at lest 140 pounds i try to put on wieght like 2 days in a row ill eat alot the for the next 3 to 4 i wont and i loose the wieght put on in the 2 days my girlfriend have an eating disorder so when im around i dont want to seem like this pig eat all this food in front of her. i've all ways been a small person but her eating problem affecting me and do i know have an eating disorder i dont throw up after meals i just dont eat alot and some times i will only eat once a day ik its not good i want to gain wieght but its so hard to do i just need some answers plz help me!


I think that it really depends on what you est and how much you usually excercise. Honestly, your still growing and your body is too. I don't think you should force yourself to gain weight either. You should be eating properly everyday too, three meals. Even though your girlfriend has an eating disorder, I don't think that should affect you. You'd never know, if you eat properly, it could possibly encourage her to rat properly too. All I'm saying is that, if you want to eat properly, start with straightening out and have a normal habit of three meals per day.

Hope this helped you, even in the smallest of ways. :-)