Hello everyone!

I suspect i may have a MILD (if thats possible) case of an eating disorder. I've been doing a bit of research for my own knowledge and came across this:

Binge-eating disorder (BED) - When you eat so much you're uncomfortable, eat to comfort yourself, eat in secret, or keep eating as part of a meal or between meals. You feel a lot of shame or guilt about your eating. Binge eating is also called compulsive eating. It is not the same as bulimia because you do not usually try to get rid of the food you've eaten.

Now when i was first reading thru the disorders....knowing full well of anorexia and bulimia...knowing i am not in those categories....i saw this, and almost choked on my heart. I didn't realize that this was considered a disorder....and now i wonder, if maybe i suffer from it. I dont wnat people to think i'm trying to ask for attention or "poor me poor me, i'm a freak"....The feelings described in Binge-eating, really hit me with a force...it scared me...because i think that might be me...

My question is....does anyone suffer from this? How have you dealt with it? Is it something I can reprogram myself not to do? What are your success', yours turn arounds? What are your hurdles and weak points?

I don't even know if i need help....but perhaps I should seek it, before it gets too far...

A bit about me...
[ I am a 22 year old, female. I am about 5'2, and weigh in at about 150lbs. Last year i had lost quite a bit of weight, and i felt good about it, and myself. Stress seems to be my trigger...and now i can't seem tofix myself. I've pretty much given up on socities dream of being paper thin...i KNOW my physique and body type will never allow for that, and to be honest, i DO accept that. What i would like though, is to reduce my body fat, and be a healthy weight, look healthy, and look like i take care of myself.
I do actually love working out. but it's very hard to do when I'm feeling depressed, or stressed out, or feel i have too many things going on. I try to get out for a bike ride as much as possible, do my tae bo when i'm really ready for a boost! I'm trying my best to eat and choose healthy meals...It's not always easy. ]

thank you EVERYONE for your help, it means a lot!!