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me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex on 8/29/2010 the next day i experienced a thick brownish substance few seconds later it became red like a period. i dont kno if its a period or not because i didnt keep track of my last one so i saw the blood and figured its just a lil early. anyway im now havin lower back pains,a lil nausea but i havent thrown up yet but feels i have too,headaches some points of the day,alot of tiredness and bile movements more and lite cramping could i possibly be pregnant?


-have you tried a pregnancy test yet? i'd try that since your not to sure when your last period was. give it a couple of days and if your still having the symptoms take a pregnancy test and or go to the doctor. periods can also show some kinds of pregnancy symptoms. But, you want to be sure cause it could be implantion as well. But, if you do miss a period or you really want to be sure the pregnancy test is the best bet. They have them where theres two in the package take one now and then wait and take another one again.

-you want to wait until you miss a period cause it will show the hcg level alot better