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hi,let me explain a bit, im 15 year old virgin and havnt even fooled around before, i get wierd little white bumps on my penis, never on the tip/head, but on the shaft of it and sometimes my testicles, theyr usually little tiny unnoticable white head pimple things, but recently i got one thats bright red, painful and reminds me of being shot with a bb gun,i was born with a hernia and had surgery and stitches when i was only 2 days old, i went through puberty in third grade and have masturbated since i was 8, i was the only guy with chest hair in the 6th grade, and probably my whole middle school,i do have a LOT of pubic hair, and iv just recently in the past week or so started shaving it regularly, iv been reading online and think its just from my pores not being opened up to release it like acne, iv never had acne and only had maybe 3 pimples so i think it may have exerted itself elsewhere,PLEASE HELP ME IM WORRIED THAT THERE MIGHT BE A CHANCE OF HERPIES OR SOME OTHER STD OR SOMETHING THAT COULD BE CONTAGIOUS OR SCARRING. i would post a picture but I dont think its really neccassary or that its would really be legal to post it on the internet even for medical reason


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Hey there,


You went through puberty in 3rd grade? what did your doctor and parents think of that? have you ever had a CT scan or MRI of your brain to see if you had a pituitary gland tumor or cyst? 3rd grade is very early to start puberty especially for guys.  as for the white spots look up fordyces spots that is probably what they are. thoes are normal and usually appear durring puberty. the red bumps are more than likly ingrown hairs. I can garuntee that you do not have an STD based on your story.... If you have any other questions or concerns just ask