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Well, the other day I was scratching myself and felt a bump. I was shocked, so I got to a private area and took a look. I found a small, hard, painless bump on my scrotum. Then after more investigation I found a couple more. They seem to be located near hair follicle more than not. They are hardly noticeable, unless stretched out, and are flesh colored. I found that that I normally itch where they are located too.

Then I found what scares me the most. There's a bigger more bumpy looking one at the base of my penis, where the scrotum meets it on the underside. Now this was really hard to find, because it was on the line that goes down the middle of the scrotum to the lower part of the penis. Unless stretched out, it looks like nothing is there.

Below are some pictures I took. I researched some and found it could be a couple things; warts, cysts, or oil glands. Now, I'm not sexually active and the last time I had sex was about two years ago (yea yea, sad lol). I'm not sure how long they have been there, but I have always had a very itchy scrotum (since puberty). Also, when I was younger I had poor hygiene. Would be out all day, sweating, and not shower after. Kind of built a bad habit, but have since correct it, so I'm not sure what it is.

And are there clinics where I can go that do checks for free? I can understand I'd have to pay for subscriptions, but cannot afford to pay for anything right now. That is, if I have anything that warrants medication.

Bigger thing.
Small bumps.


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hey, alright. i understand you have not had had sex for two years.... thats cool.... anyways this means that unles you have had this lump for two years on and off that you probably don't hace an STD. i also find it surprising that you havent noticed it before this or have not had any more symptoms of an std and also that it hasen spread.

so i think your in the clear as far as stds go. (but i am not a doctor and even if i was there would be no way i could tell for sure with out testing it). the smaller spots look like Fordyce's spots (aka sebaciouc glands) and as for the big one. it does look a bit weird but it could be either a regular, non-std wart like the ones you find on your fingers/toes. or it could be another skin condition like exzema.

i believe i hace something simmilar and i know it is not an std so i would not worry about it :-)

if you are still worried you can try to find a free clinic in your area they may be able to test you for free or tell you somewhere that can.

please keep me posted and let us know if there is anything ealse we can do to help.


The first picture looks like Herpes. The second looks more or less like sweat/acne pimples.

I'd get checked because of the first picture though.

Good luck.