The other night my wife and I were having dinner celebrating her Masters degree when she said she had done some silly and crazy things in her past and I said so had I,telling her something I had done.What I did was a total lack of morals where I slept with my ex partners,brother's,wife.My wife knows that I was not a saint in my past but when I met her I changed my lifestyle and am nothing like the person I was.People that knew me before and now know my wife comment to her how much I have changed.I knew as soon as I said it by the look on her face that it had shocked her,but that was all.Last weekend she went away to see her friends and said she had a great time but when it came to sleep,all she could do was cry about what I had done with many questions spinning in her head.In hindsight I never should have mentioned it but its too late for that now.It happened before we even knew each other.I'm devastated in seeing how she is feeling because of this and I have no idea what to do to help her.Can anyone give me some ideas to get through this.I think she is wondering just who is this person she has married.