I am so nervous to be pregnant. I took plan b 45 mins after unprotected sex. He states he never even ejaculated or pre-ejaculated. We only did it once for 2 mins. He urinated before but I dont know if that means anything. Unprotected sex was early 7/16/17 morning. My period started 7/7/17 or 7/8/17 so I think I was in my fertile window so I am scared. I just want to hurry up and test to get rid of all this paranoia and able to sleep again. Are there places that do free blood tests for pregnancy I had my period earlier this month! Some people were saying they still got pregnant with Plan B so I am freaking out. He knows he didnt ejaculate in me but I am still nervous. How soon can you do a blood test for accurate results? How much does it cost without insurance and where can you go? I already feel fat and pregnant and its been about 13 days I also read that if you were already in your fertile window or ovulation window plan b cant do anything because it stops it before it happens. This morning my nipples were poking and popping out and then going back in as normal and was repeatedly doing it. Also my boobs looking bigger.