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Hi I normally have really really bad cramping, but ever since 3 periods ago I barley get cramping. My period i had in July i had such nad cramping i threw up and i had to take 3 pills to get rid of it, but ever since than i barley get any cramps! I have had my period for 4 years now and they are pretty regular but now they are always 4-7 days early. Is that normal? Also I have only had sex once on July 13th 2 weeks before my super heavy period. I don't think I'm pregnant took 3 tests all negative. I had sex July 13th for the first time. No protection but he used the pull out method way before he.. you know. Well, my first period after I had sex was super heavy and was 2 days late. However, ever since then my periods have been lighter and one day earlier and early by 4-7 days defiantly not the same as my regular flow also I have hardly had cramps. I took 3 pregnancy tests one 7-26 the other 9-16 and the most recent 9-29. All negative. I have had some symptoms such as I feel like my belly is getting larger and ive gained 2 pounds and some nausea. I have also just started to work out again in August for at least 8 hours a day doing strength training. Please tell me if there is any possible way I could be pregnant. Also I feel like I have a heart beat in my stomach. I weigh 115 pounds. Maybe it could be my aortic valve or am I paranoid Also that was my first time.I haven't had sex since July so I don't think I'm pregnant. However my first period was 2 days late, ridiculously heavy and at one point I threw up due to the heavy cramps, but my second period and so forth since I had sex have been early by 3-7 days and are 1 day shorter and are a little lighter flow then normal and I'm getting little to no cramps. Is that anything to worry about? Also I took three tests all negative within the span of three months. Please return to me ASAP! Thank you.


Well, if you have your periods after sex - definitely you are NOT pregnant! Your description suggests that you have bloating or fluid retention. May I suggest that you visit your health care provider/doctor/gynec and get an evaluation. I am sure you will get medication to relieve fluid retention :)