pregnant? I had sex Sept. 13th. We had sex maybe twice in one day. He d wear a condom and then pull out and then *** in it then take it off. Then he d put a new condom on. And do the same thing. I ve been getting my period either Sept 2 or Sept 4. This month I got my period Sept 29. It was heavy and had clumps ( or whatever they re called) it was red as normal. I had bad cramps like I usually do. But it only lasted 2 days. It was a flow,and I was changing often but it just stopped. I m not sure if this was implantation bleeding or not. It was like a normal period. Not pink or brown. It was a normal period. Only part was that it only last 2 days. I m scared. It ll really be helpful if someone can tell me what it was or even if this was normal. I have been stressed. I ve been stressed maybe 2 weeks ago. And also was stressed this week about school. I m also not playing any sports because I m injured so that can be a cause to the weight gain. But I m losing weight or atleast trying to. And on the day of my period and maybe days before, I wasn t getting enough sleep. I need help.. Please.. UPDATE: I took 4 pregnancy tests. 3 hpt and one urine sample at the doctor. All negative. Don t judge me please... I m scared.. I ve been worried because I lost my appetite. I don t want to eat ever. And today i ate a breakfast sandwich from McDonald s and I wanted to throw up. It was terrible. I felt sick. I don t get much sleep and I m very stressed with school and college. Okay new update: I got my period the 27th which is weird because I feel like my period is changing each month now. Went from Oct 4/2 to sept 29 and not over 27. I got it for 3 days. Each day normal period flow and cramps, now the 4th day and spotting red. I m usually 5-6days but then again I m still very very stressed with school and then being pregnant. I m very scared. Thing is I know he didn t *** inside BUT it is possible to get pregnant from precum. Thing is I DIDNT CHECK IF THE CONDOM BROKE. I know I m dumb. We did it 2 times that day. (Sept 13th) so we had sex, he pulled out with the condom, took it off, put a new condom and did the same thing. I don t know what s possible. I m scared.