So after struggling for last 10 years out of the 24 that  i smoked (im 44 now ) i heard a add on the radio about quitting through hypnosis, I have tried all the other things gum patch's you name it i tried it .

It just seemed to exchange one addiction for another . Plus the cost ! YIKES some of these meds are extremely expensive . so i did some calling around and it seems for $300 i can have myself hypnotized to take away not only the addiction but also the memory of holding that little death stick in my sticky fingers, and they seem to think 99% success on the first try second session for that 1%. is free and it seems that most of those will quit as-well .  i felt that there must be something to this ! for $300 LOL 

Well don't get me wrong i am a pretty generous guy ..... ok so im a little tight .......ok ok if i drop a dime it will hit me on the back of the head when i go to pick-it up .So being a avid DIY freak off to the book store for a copy of self hypnosis The first one i read was called Mind Magic by Marta Hiatt then a generous swath of Derren Brown on the you tube and two evenings later i forgot to smoke ever again .Actually its more like i flipped a switch and no cravings no being irritable  its such a simple process to !!!

its almost like if there wasn't money to be made from our misery trying to quit on the patch, the gum ,the this ,the that , it would be made common knowledge that your subconscious is your operating system and you can just go in and just delete that "i must smoke file " and while your in there start a few new one ,like "ride a bike"file  or "go swimming " file , eat fruit , hell while we are at it "be nice to your self " file LOL anyway

I have in the last four months gone from a 170 lb 6,2 skinny guy with pains growing in his arms and chest ,To

Drum roll please

204 lBs (just weighed myself in my birthday suit ) i swim twice a day, just got to 22 lengths breast stroke tonight in fact i eat like healthy horse and drink my 2 liters of water a day .

 i couldn't do half a length at the beginning , i can almost do a length under the water .

I truly feel that this hypnosis stuff has saved me i still do my meditation before i go to sleep ,mainly for my breathing and goals for the following day .I urge anyone struggling with that nasty addiction to at least look into it

  regards Paul