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Good day everyone,

I was asking a lot of questions about hypnosis for weight loss, but I think that I have forget to ask one most important thing, because I was so into this process, that I forgot to ask you .

OK, are there any negative effects of hypnosis for weight loss? Anything that can harm me really bad, or that can harm my health?

I think that this is something that we all need to know before we start any diet program, right?

Do you have any negative side – effects experience?

If you do, tell me about it.

Best wishes



I am not sure. I have tried this and I didn’t have any side – effects that could seriously harm my health. But, while hypnosis represents some natural state of your mind, you have to know that some side – effects may occur when you apply hypnosis by your own.

But, I still believe that this is totally safe method and that cannot have any dangerous side – effects, that can harm your health.

Of course, that is my experience, but I am talking about my experience as well.

I don’t know, but maybe there are people with some other experiences, different from mine.

Tell us.




You always can have some dangers and complications of hypnosis, you should be aware of that, but if you treat this thing right, nothing bad can happen, right?

But, you should know that you can get through some amateur hypnosis. When hypnosis is used in the treatment of condition that the hypnotist is not trained to treat without the use of hypnosis.

In that case, you can get panic attacks, depression, etc. You need to be prepared on that, especially if you are afraid to try hypnosis.

Anyway, good luck and be aware of these side – effects. They are not big at the beginning, but lately they can be a big problem.