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I'm a 42 years married ,but I don't accept my age since last 10 years I feel like I'm still 24 . I have two little 14 and 6 years children.i have my lovely husband , he love me n take care of me, My problem is since 10 years I used to chat with guys like a 24 year student, I never like to chat on sex but involve with them like a lover talk with them nicely care them a lot and I feel alot of love for them.i laugh with them I cry for them and feel every thing like I'm a 24 un married husband knows my this habit but he said u r a childish how I stop u. I'm bit tired now but I still get peace in fake relations. I'm very much comfortable with them , they are also happy with me .my chat buddies never know that I'm 42 married woman but they think I'm 24 un married girl ,all of them propose me for marriage . I always used to say my family will agree and some other excuses . I want to know what type of behavior is this ? Is it sin ? What can I do ? How I stop myself bcoz I'm fully addict . Any suggestions please



to be honest with you, and without going into if what you are doing is sin or not, what you are doing is emotional betrayal both to your husband and to your children. You're devoting your time and emotions to men you'll never meet and leading both them and yourself astray. If things go as far as to some of them proposing to marry you, than how long have you been chatting with them?

The fact that you want to be 24 instead of 42 with husband and children is somewhat normal - who wouldn't want to be free of all the duties and responsibillities adult life has - but taking things this far is another thing completely. Instead of trying to live in the reality, you're trying to live in a daydream and I'm sure you know this yourself, but once again, that is not real life. There is a very simple way to at least start fighting this: stop chatting and visiting the places that enable you to do that. Decide to stop, talk to your husband, get more involved in your children lives, and if attempting this on your own fails - try getting a professional help.