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my name is Ariana i am 13 and about 137 lbs i dont like my body i feel fat and i dont know what to do...i make up these lists of exercises i could do but i never do them because i dont like doing them by myself it seems like everyone around me wants me to lose weight but they wont join me when i want to go on walks and stuff so i usually just dont go even though i think i should then when it comes to food i feel that i just cant stop until its all gone because i dont want to waste it the worst part is my prom is coming this year and i bought this really pretty dress last year that i was planning on wearing at that time i was 125 lbs and even then it was still hard to fit in the dress i want to fit in the dress but i fear i wont be able to i want a diet that isnt hard to follow that maybe i can help my friends do with me because i think seeing them eat large portions in front of me would make me want to eat more (i heard using a smaller plate may work) :-S


try walking a dog that way you're not technically exercising by yourself. exercise isn't just about running on the treadmill or taking a walk, it can be recreational sports like playing basketball for 1/2 hour as long as you're playing hard enought that you're breathing heavly and working up a sweat. Other fun things include swimming, and dancing, stuff you're friends might want to do verses running.
hope that helps!