Before I found out about my daughter I had bad blooding couple days and then went away feeling like I was gonna throw up then smelling made me sick and headache and dizzyness came. It got to worse I made my mom take me to the er they were like no your not pregnant its to early for anything. Well they did pee test negative then ulatasound they saw something but they didn't know then they took blood test negative then they looked at my levels and they said you are pregnant and the baby might be in the tube. Well I had my daughter and Im trying for another one im on two different pills the past 3 half months. I feel the same and I didnt have my peired for couple months test negative finally I got it bad like I had before I found out I was pregnant with my daughter. I went to the er the other day they took blood and the doctor didnt know and all he said go see your obgyn 1-2 days like that helps me... ugh someone help im in pain /: