A week ago I went to the ER, In the worst pain I have ever felt. They told me that I had an ovarian cyst, that it was pretty big and I was bleeding into my stomach for a while. My OB Doctor, kept asking the ER doctors if I was pregnant. They did a test and it came out neg. But my OB Doctor kept asking...saying are you sure. Well needless to say they had to do surgery, he said it was bad... When I went back for my checkup I asked it if he thought I was pregnant...he said if you were...your not anymore. That if I was I was only 3 or 4 days along. This really bummed me out since I have been trying to get pregnant...for 8 years now...My Daughter just turned 9 and I have not gotten pregnant since then. I was starting to think I couldn't get pregnant. Well the doctor did say my ovary was in great shape and I got to keep both of them :-) But I have been having strange symptoms like....Things smelling different thing that didn't bother me before starting to bother me now. Blood in my nose. And sick to my stomach....Ofcourse I know they just did surgery..Did they just throw my hormones out of wack? Or could there still be a chance Im pregnant? Also having the surgery.... could that help me get pregnant? I would like to know something I could take to help me....I dont have alot of money but Im a good mom and would like to have another child.